Asset Surveying and mapping

I offer several technical services in surveying and mapping.

The accurate mapping of assets is so important. It allows an organisation to effectively manage, maintain and monitor their assets, providing greater control and maximising efficiencies. Assets can be wide-ranging and may include street furniture, benches, bins, signage, dog bins, trees, planting areas, or any other permanent features. I offer several technical services listed below:


services provided
Surveying of existing assets

Surveying of existing assets and digital plotting onto relevant mapping layers/software. I can remove any outdated or inaccurate information to ensure accuracy and pinpoint the locations of current assets.

Surveying of new assets

Surveying of new assets and inputting of technical information onto mapping layers/software to provide pinpoint locations and technical information of assets.

Maintaining mapping layers.

Maintaining mapping layers. I offer a service where I will update mapping layers regularly upon request to ensure that assets that are moved, removed, or added are all accounted for and mapping remains accurate.

Other Services