Carbon Reduction Plans and Green Technology

I offer a clear and deliverable strategy towards a net zero solution

Aspirations towards net zero by 2030/40 mean there is growing urgency to put action plans into place. There are lots of positive steps being made by many organisations but many lack a clear and deliverable strategy that is phased, sets out achievable goals, and tracks results.

Project cycle
Initial consultation

 I will work with my client to establish what their requirements are and help to prioritise areas of focus. These may be procurement, transport, travel, logistics, machinery, equipment, or building infrastructure.

Draft report

At this stage, I will collect data on the model or operation and carbon outputs.


This is an opportunity for the client or stakeholders to provide feedback, comments, or suggested changes.

Final Report

The final carbon reduction plan will be submitted and presented if required. It will outline fully costed, achievable, and practical steps to reduce and sequester carbon, leading to a brighter and greener future.

Ongoing Monitoring

 I offer a follow-up service where I will revisit businesses to monitor progress, track results, and produce summary reports for feeding back to stakeholders and producing statistical and KPI data.

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