Wildflower Meadow Creation

Wildflower meadows provide huge ecological and biodiversity benefits in addition to being visually stunning.

The problem is that they often fail without the appropriate planning, preparation, and management. Where instant impact is required for a high visibility or footfall or area, wildflower turf is a viable option to give eye-catching results from the outset.

Larger scale projects are more suited to wildflower seed mixes, where results are achieved over a longer period.

Project cycle
Full site survey and consultation

 I will meet with the client to discuss their proposal in full. We will discuss the desired project outcomes, brainstorm ideas, and review timelines and budgets. At this stage, I will carry out a full site survey which includes soil testing to ascertain the pH, structure, and soil type.

 In addition, I will look at the aspect of the site and the endemic wildflowers that may be present in the surrounding areas.

This will determine the type of wildflower seed mix or turf that will thrive in that specific environment. I will then plot the area accurately so that it can be transferred to a site plan which will be submitted with the draft proposals.

Draft proposals

I will present my proposal for the area with a draft 2d site plan with an outline specification that details the recommended wildflower species or mixes. This is an opportunity for the client to feedback and request any amendments or changes to the plan.

Final design

Once the client is satisfied, I will submit a final 2d plan, full planting specification, and future maintenance plan.

Project management

If requested I can oversee the projects on the ground, from organising accredited contractors and drafting contracts or service level agreements (SLA) to supervising the works on site.

 I will ensure that the project is delivered to the specification set out and to the highest standard. This gives peace of mind that the full life cycle of the project is in safe hands.

Communication and Education

Wildflower meadows generate lots of interest and attention so It’s important to get positive and informative messaging broadcast to the right audience. I can manage social media campaigns, press releases, and educational signage to ensure that you get the right exposure that educates and informs. 

Maintenance and Future Management

Correct management is critical to the success of any planting project and wildflower meadows are no different. I will supply an annual maintenance plan to ensure that your meadows thrive, survive, and flourish for years to come. 

Other Services